Personal Observance

Judaism has 613 commandments, and lots of rituals. While this can seem daunting for someone contemplating a change in religious observance, Rabbi Gordy's perspective of Integral Halachah looks backward AND forward to help you explore possibilities, and his openness and non-judgmental perspective helps you decide how you can make your religious life more meaningful.

Personal Questions

Whether you're Jewish or not, you may be curious about things in Judaism you may have heard or just want to know more about. Rabbi Gordy is a trusted source for 'everything you wanted to know about Judaism but were afraid to ask'.

Personal Meaning

Finding personal meaning requires a willingness to look at what you do as much as what you believe. Rabbi Gordy can help you align the two in ways that you're comfortable with to make your life more meaningful, while at the same time helping you understand which of your decisions are rooted in Jewish thought.