Pastoral Counseling


Life is a series of developmental milestones. Some of us go through them with little difficulty. Most however, tend to have challenges when we least expect them. Rabbi Gordy is an experienced pastoral counselor who can help you identify those challenges, and suggest strategies for overcoming them.


Living in a committed relationship is very rewarding, but can also be challenging. No one knows how to “push our buttons” more than the ones we’re most intimate with. Rabbi Gordy helps couples who experience an occasional bump in the road or are facing major issues to guide them back to a mutually satisfying relationship.


One of the challenges dealing with religious and spiritual feelings is the lack of language we have to describe those experiences. As a rabbi and a social worker, Rabbi Gordy can help sort out theological, philosophical, and practical ideas and behaviors allowing you to lead a more meaningful, purpose-driven life.


The reality of what our “destined” partner relationships are like often vary from the fantasy we imagine them to be prior to matrimony. Rabbi Gordy helps couples recognize and balance the “me” versus the “we,” prior to the wedding date, so that both are enriched by being together.